Custom Pig Deposit


Deposit towards a whole or portion of a custom raised and butchered pig.

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Please note; we are sold out of whole hogs for this season. Reservations are currently being accepted for 2021. Raised on northwest grown, nonGMO grains. Our pure Berkshire and Berkshire cross pigs never receive any chemical wormers, antibiotics or hormones. These pigs range in our pasture and wooded areas with free choice organic fruits and vegetables and grass hay raised without any herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals that could harm the environment and wildlife.

Whole pig: $3.40 per pound by hanging weight includes delivering the pig to a custom eastern Washington butcher and delivering your finished pork to a published drop point of your choice. Processing costs vary, but can average $450 for a whole pig if moderate amounts of ham, bacon and sausage are requested and are the responsibility of the customer. Costs for harvest, cut and wrap are payable at pick up. Deposit will be deducted from total at delivery.

A pig with a hanging weight of 200 pounds should provide approximately 150 pounds of packaged meat ready for your freezer.

Half pig: $3.50 per pound. Half the amount and butcher costs listed above.

Custom cutting instructions required, but we are happy to help talk you through the process and choices.

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