Pastured Whole Chicken Deposit


5 Pastured whole chickens deposit for July 2019.


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Broilers live a good life here before they grace your table. We process them on farm after they enjoy fresh pasture grasses, bugs, sunshine, mountain spring water and northwest-grown grains during the spring and summer months.

Reservation for 5 chickens. Our pastured broilers eat non-medicated, soy-free, corn-free feed that is tested to be free of pesticide residues and drink spring-fed well water in addition to any grass, bugs and seeds they forage from our mountain valley. They are raised in small groups in chicken ‘tractors’ as the moveable pens used for protection from predators are called and moved daily across our pastures. Deposit is for five chickens at $10 per chicken which is credited at pick up. Balance due based on $5.25 per pound minus the $10 deposit with a 4-4.5 pound average bird. $22.32 per chicken for 4.25 pound birds would be $12.32 due per bird for $61.60 total balance due at pick up.



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