Chicken Thighs


2 vacuum-sealed packages with 2 chicken thighs each from a pastured chicken.

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2 vacuum-sealed packages with 2 thighs per package

Our pastured broilers are raised on non-medicated, nonGMO feed in chicken ‘tractors’ as the moveable pens used for protection from predators are called. In those airy, floor-less pens, our chickens are moved daily across our pastures. They are never debeaked, vaccinated or given any antibiotics or appetite-enhancing chemicals. You won’t find corn or soy in the feed grains either.

We order day old broiler chicks. They are processed on farm by our family in a WSDA-inspected facility with fresh spring-fed water from our well that is tested each year before processing.

**Note: Chicken and eggs available only for sale within Washington state. Please choose a local delivery point or shipping within Washington only.**

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