Grassfed Beef Half Deposit


Deposit for a 100% grassfed beef half

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)



Deposit of $450 to reserve. $800 due at harvest for a total $1250 for a half beef. Next available August 2019. Price includes cut, wrap and delivery to any of our published drop points.

From an approximately 250 pound hanging half beef. Choose bone-in 160-170 pounds of 100% grassfed beef packaged and ready for your freezer including premium grilling steaks like; tenderloin, t-bone, tri-tip, rib, top sirloin and flat iron, marinating steaks and cuts like; flank, sirloin tip and flap, skirt and soup bones (shank with marrow bone) roasts like; chuck blade, bottom round and brisket, stew cubes, marrow bones, liver and oxtail. Includes 60-90 pounds of ground beef.

Choose boneless option for 140-150 pounds with all boneless steaks and roasts like boneless arm and chuck eye roll, heart instead of oxtail, extra stew meat instead of soup bones and no marrow bones.


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