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Beef, pork and chicken Full Icebox deal

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Can’t decide? Great! Save on a bunch of quick dinners in this pack. Includes popular cuts of beef, pork and chicken, smoked ham steaks and roast, smoked sausages and pepperoni too. Packages of chicken wings, drumsticks and boneless skinless breasts, ground pork and pork chops, ground beef and beef stew cubes are all in here. Serves up over 100 portions.

twelve packs of extra lean ground beef
two packs of boneless skinless chicken breast
three packs of ground pork
three packs of hickory smoked bacon
two packs of pepperoni sticks
one pack of chicken drumsticks
two packs of chicken wings
four breakfast sized smoked ham steaks
one pack of beef stew cubes
two packs of smoked grilling sausages
one pack of boneless pork chops

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Weight 28.5 lbs