The Grassfed and Pastured Story

“There’s nothing you can do,” and “What you eat doesn’t matter.” I heard this from multiple doctors while trying to find answers to my declining health. Now it’s commonly known as autoimmunity, but back then it just felt like an indescribable falling apart. I’ve never believed it’s possible to be truly stuck in a situation, so I looked to nutrition and more fresh air hoping for more enjoyable moments each day at least.  What we found is that food definitely matters.

We are Sam and Sharone Fischer. Together we raise all the animals that work with us to restore the land known as Icebox Flats Farm. We began a search many years ago now for clean, pastured meats that turned up almost nothing that was both pastured and organic-fed. The limited products we found were too expensive to eat often, so we began raising our own.

Icebox Flats Farm, the source for Grassfed and Pastured’s meat and eggs, is in northeastern Washington, north of Colville. We’re first generation farmers with a deep commitment to this land that waited fallow and on the market for five years during our seach to find a place where we could live and ranch. We’ve loved the journey and all there is to learn with each sunrise.

Grassfed and Pastured might have begun with our desire for better health, meaningful work together and quality of life for our family, our land and animals, but it’s also about you now.

We want you to taste the best clean, nourishing food possible and to be able to afford to enjoy it often. It’s important to us that you participate in the future of this farm with us. We maintain an open farm policy. Give us a call, come out to experience the farm and see how you can have a positive impact on land and the food system too.