Grassfed and pastured meats delivered


100% Raised in Washington

Grass-fed Beef – Pastured Chicken – Woodlot Pork

Grassfed beef, pastured chicken and woodlot pork straight from the farm.

Are you looking for pastured meats raised right in the Pacific Northwest?

Our animals are raised on pasture with care and without hormones, chemicals or antibiotics. The fresh air, clean soil and spring-fed water of our high valley pastures provide some of the best food you can give your family. Try it today!

Shop right here and relax. You can choose shipping right to your door or delivery to your neighborhood!

We strive to offer cuts of 100% grass fed beef, woodlot pork and pastured chicken year-round. If you live in Washington you have a family farm right in your backyard! Order today and receive your order right at your doorstep with shipping or save money and meet us at one of our close to home delivery points.